Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Janita M. Jones grew up an avid athlete participating in not only Track and Field, but Taekwondo, Cross Country, Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Snowboarding.

Yet, Janita always found the passion and time for radio; starting from winning an on-air contest to becoming an intern at the local radio station KXJM Jammin 95.5. At the age of 16, she would eventually start hosting the overnight show from 2am-6am, with her family’s support, her mother slept in the corner of the studio.

Janita ultimately decided to focus athletically on developing her natural talent for running track, while never leaving media far behind. She proved her dedication to her athleticism through hard work and rehabilitation from a torn ACL, knee surgery, and a collapsed lung.

Janita’s dedication was rewarded when she was awarded a full Track Scholarship to the University of Nevada in Reno. While leaving her mark on the track, Janita also made the time to serve as the Music Director/Assistant Program Director for a local radio station KWYD Wild 102.9. Janita made the difficult decision to leave college during her junior year, to accept a once- in-a-lifetime job opportunity as an on-air personality in the top 10 radio market of Philadelphia hosting the mid-day show on WRDW-FM Wired 96.6. Janita lit up the airwaves, becoming the #2 highest rated show in her timeslot, while also creating cutting edge promotions, representing the station on numerous television appearances, and bringing in incremental revenue for the station.

Janita has served as a Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirl and community spokesperson, representing educated, athletic and energetic women who serve as role models in professional sports for young girls. Janita’s passion for sports, people, and media continues. She has also served as an Assistant Sprint Track Coach at Jesuit High School, as well as a Group Exercise Instructor at VillaSport & Bethany Athletic Clubs in Beaverton, OR.

Janita currently works as a Fitness Columnist for The Portland Observer, hosts multiple group fitness classes around the Portland metro area, and personal training clinics. She is now a sought after coach for speed development in young athletes. Janita is not only a strong athlete, she is involved in her community as an activist against Domestic Violence, and supporting youth and family development. Janita continually seeks to empower and support young women to believe that their goals are achievable. She is an athlete in her prime! Her foundation in Track is always her reminder and motivation to consistently be a strong woman, student, competitor, wife, and mother. Janita is now happily married, living in the Portland, OR area with her husband and their 3 children.

With over 23 years of experience overcoming the odds, Janita’s outstanding athletic and media career and achievements are proof to all of us that dreams are in fact possible, when you brave the odds and believe in the fullness of your potential. Filled with energy and motivation, in her sessions as well as her life, Janita is determined to see others experience this same success.